Guaranteed expertise for the judiciary - expert’s report, analysis, lecture

Are you looking for a specialised and therefore competent expert to draw up an expert’s report about a bicycle, e-bike or pedelec? Is there the need to analyse material failure, to assess a loss, to determine values, to rate workmanship or to diagnose a material defect?

In 1994 graduate engineer Dirk Zedler was publicly appointed and sworn in as bicycle expert (CCI Stuttgart) and has been acting in this function as a bicycle expert on behalf of the courts from Flensburg to Schoenau and from Dresden to Saarbruecken since this time. In 2014 his field of expertise was extended to electric bicycles (pedelecs/e-bikes).

In our modern test laboratory, we have test stands for nearly every technical test for the analysis of a claim. Supported by a bicycle test laboratory which is state of the art and unique, extensive archives, there is from the technical point of view no question left open relating to the topics bicycle and e-bike.

Click News/Publications to get a complete overview of our publications. Our lectures on conferences substantiate that we know about the current state of bicycle technology and bicycle market and the questions that must be answered to be legally on the safe side.

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