Medienberichte und Publikationen rund um Fahrräder, Pedelecs, Technik und Sicherheit

Die häufigsten Sicherheitsrisiken, die uns in der täglichen Arbeit rund um Fahrrad-Sicherheit, -Technik und -Bedienungsanleitungen auffallen, publizieren wir auch in Artikeln in den führenden Fachmagazinen TOUR – Europas Rennrad-Magazin Nr. 1, BIKE – Das Mountainbike Magazin Europas Nr. 1 und E-Bike – Das Pedelec-Magazin, um diese für die Branche wichtigen Informationen einer größeren Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen.

Auch die Eurobike Show Daily, Messezeitschrift der jährlich stattfindenden Eurobike Show, gibt uns seit vielen Jahren die Möglichkeit, unsere Sicht auf wichtige Entwicklungen in der Fahrradbranche in ganzseitigen Artikeln auszuführen.

Darüber hinaus sprechen wir regelmäßig in unabhängigen Fachvorträgen über alle Bereiche der Fahrradtechnik und des Fahrradmarktes. Auch weitere Fach- bzw. Branchenzeitschriften sowie immer häufiger Radio und Fernsehen zitieren uns in ihren Medienberichten und zeigen uns, dass wir mit unseren Hinweisen genau richtig liegen. In der Rubrik AKTUELL erfahren Sie laufend alle Neuigkeiten aus unseren Fachbereichen. Diese Berichte und Publikationen sortieren wir für Sie chronologisch bzw. nach Interessensgebieten.

Cyclinfo, 2019/03/07
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Zedler institute continues to grow

Regardless whether lab tests, expert reports or manuals: the Zedler institute has become an institution in the cycle industry over the years. After having moved into the new headquarters the infrastructure in the new building is expanding step by step. A third test lab has only just taken into operation.

The services of the Zedler institute cover a wide range from laboratory tests for manufacturers as well as the media, over expert reports to basic manuals. They not only address to the players in the cycle industry, but also to the courts, the authorities, the insurers and the media. Since the company has been founded by Dirk Zedler after his engineering studies in 1993, he has built up a reputation as expert witness for test procedures and safety which also skipped over to his institute that was growing over the years. In 2017 the company moved into the new company headquarters, the official opening of which was celebrated in spring 2018 - just in time for the 25th anniversary of Zedler’s activity as tester and expert witness. From the energy-efficient building over the photovoltaic system on the roof to the bicycle parking including charging facilities for e-bikes Zedler’s headquarters shows a holistic understanding of sustainability which was one of the reasons why the Ethics Prize was awarded by the German bicycle association Verbund Service und Fahrrad (VSF e. V.) to the Zedler institute in 2018.

With their in-house developed test stands, complex noise attenuation and bright radiant LED illumination the Zedler institute do not spare effort. Two test labs with in-house developed machines for quality, stiffness and fatigue strength tests were set up subsequently. A third lab equipped with the testing systems of the safety category was opened now: In this lab components, such as pedals, wheels and bells, are tested thoroughly on test stands that are full in-house developments and their range of functions is designed for the relevant standards. The bright radiant LED illumination is decisive to identify even fine cracks. In the new lab products are tested far beyond the tests described in the standards depending on the intended purpose of use. Because experience has shown that often enough it is only by supplementary test procedures that you succeed in exactly reproducing the natures of loss known from thousands of analysed failures on the road or in the terrain.

Author: lvr
Photo: Zedler-Institut