Dual Study Programme Business Administration-Digital Business Management

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Dual Study Programme Business Administration-Digital Business Management

  • Start of studies: October 1, 2024 or later
  • Full course of university education: 3 years (theory & practice alternate in a three-month cycle)
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Further contents: DHBW Stuttgart

Content of study programme:

The study programme “Digital Business Management” offers profound Business Administration studies supplemented by fundamental IT knowledge with a focus on the special features of a digital economy.

Throughout the entire study programme, the IT skills relevant for understanding digital transformation processes are built up step by step. In addition to basic IT-related courses, the focus is on the following topics in particular:

  • IT Management, IT Security and IT law
  • Business Analytics/Big Data
  • Selected key technologies for digital business models

In addition to basic courses on General Business Administration, Economics, Legal Studies, Mathematics and Statistics, students in the basic studies attend business administration courses on the following topics:

  • Materials and Production Management, Logistics
  • Finance and Accounting/Controlling
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Data Management
Courses to build up methodological and social skills are also an important part of the study programme. These are in particular:
  • Project and Business Process Management
  • Change Management
  • Methods for the development of business models
  • Management business games
  • Programming language (optional)


Students of the study programme Business Administration with a major in Digital Business Management learn not only the basics of information technology, but in particular the diverse business requirements associated with the so-called digital transformation:

  • Business and value creation processes have to be designed more flexibly or completely new.
  • New kinds of products and services are to be developed.
  • The world of work and individual workplaces are to be brought in line with digital requirements.

Due to their sound IT-related basic knowledge, graduates (females and males) are able to competently accompany digital transformation processes in a wide range of industries in order to create the conditions for market and company success in digital competition.

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Dual Study Programme Business Administration-Digital Business Management

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