Dual Study Programme Business Administration-Services Management Media, Sales and Communications

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Dual Study Programme Business Administration-Services Management Media, Sales and Communications

  • Start of studies: October 1, 2024 or later
  • Full course of university education: 3 years (theory & practice alternate in a three-month cycle)
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Further contents: DHBW Stuttgart

Content of study programme:

The core of the dual study programme is the science-based, but at the same time practice-oriented transfer of broad knowledge of business administration and the specific business administration field of service and media management. The choice of media-specific major subjects as well as various specialisation options allow students and partner companies to set individual priorities.

Business Administration and Basic Subjects

  • Basics of business administration, economics, legal studies, scientific work as well as mathematics and statistics
  • Financial accounting
  • Corporate accounting, balancing and taxing
  • Human resources management, organisation and project management
  • Company management and leadership of employees

Study programme services management

  • Basics of the value creation processes and business models in the service industry as well as project management and customer behaviour
  • Marketing & innovation, controlling & quality in services management, business intelligence
  • Marketing research: Data analytics, eyetracking, SEO, SEA
  • Basics of automation and digitalisation of services, social media marketing, online marketing
    Digital transformation and new concepts in service management
  • Integration seminar on industry topics: e.g. application possibilities of artifical intelligence, deep learning, machine to machine and human-machine communication

Major field of study media, sales & communication (modules 3rd – 6th semester)

  • Dialogue marketing, media dialogue processes and dialogue projects, social media dialogue
    Media sales management (agile consulting processes and media psychological aspects)
  • Design of communication processes & international brand and campaign management, customer experience management
  • Media integration and cross-media production


The focus of the dual study programme business administration focussing on services management, focussing on media, sales and communication, is also placed on transferring the theoretical knowledge acquired into practice by applying them to specific problems within the framework of student projects or project seminars. That is to say that the tasks of companies and organisations are specified and the process follows a classic media project from the briefing by the “client” to the final presentation by the students. Laboratories (e.g. MacLabs, eye tracking lab and green screen studio, virtual rooms) with current technology are available for implementation.

Graduates are qualified for numerous fields of application:

  • Collaboration in communication, sales and process and consulting projects
  • All functional areas of service providers (planning and organisation, marketing and media management, project and quality management, human resources management, controlling)
  • Media, marketing and service sector as well as in market research, communication and sales departments of companies
  • Communication, sales, service and project area

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Dual Study Programme Business Administration-Services Management Media, Sales and Communications

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