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Bicycle companies awarded as bicycle-friendly employers

In "The most bicycle-friendly employer" contest organised by the German Environmental Management Association (B.A.U.M. e.V.) the (unfortunately only few) participating companies from the bicycle sector were ranking high. The award was presented by the Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann, B.A.U.M. board member Dieter Bruebach and members of the jury on November 18 in Mannheim.

Zedler – Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH was awarded in the category of "5 to 49 employees". The company took first place in the regional competition Baden-Wuerttemberg and second place in the federal competition. Dirk Zedler, managing director of the Ludwigsburg company, received two certificates from Winfried Hermann, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure of the State Baden-Wuerttemberg.

What had convinced the jury was the infrastructure of the premises located in Ludwigsburg. The company offers covered and illuminated bicycle stands directly near the entrance, a changing room with lockers and shower facilities, a drying room as well as the possibility to service own or company bicycles under professional guide and to perform repairs. In addition, the common kitchen offers free drinks and beverages. Furthermore, there are company bicycles for short business trips. What also tipped the balance was the motivation to commute to work by bike every day which is actively practised by the company management, as well.

Third winner in the regional competition Baden-Wuerttemberg was co-sponsor Paul Lange & Co. The company regards itself responsible to set a good example and therefore has already supported the competition repeatedly, according to the declaration from Stuttgart. And yet another note: As early as in 2007 the company had been certified first bicycle-friendly company by the German cycle association (ADFC).

For the Messingschlager company it was the first time to take part in the competition and they were right away awarded with a price in the federal competition.  As a bicycle promoting measure the company had offered for example a bicycle lotto and repair facilities to employees. Head of marketing, Martin Buchta, announces further measures: “We are very glad about this award and will take it as an incentive to start further projects in the near future." The construction works at the company’s location in Baunach must also be seen in this connection, such as the construction of a Four Crosss trail directly adjacent to the extension building of the central warehouse.

Component supplier Tune from Buggingen was given credit in the national competition. The employees are supported with material and favourable purchasing conditions (non Tune-parts). In addition, Tune encourages a weakly work-out and a Tune team consisting of employees takes part in events, reports Sebastian Linser from Tune. For this purpose Tune-apparel is made available.

The competition addresses in particular to companies as well as to authorities and other institutions with 5 employees at least. What was rated, were the efforts on the most various levels to promote the employees’ use of cycles. There were all in all 60 companies that applied for the price. The parties represented in the jury were among others the German Association of Cities, the CCI Rhine-Neckar, the Wuppertal Institut, VCD, ZIV and VSF.

Happy about their success in the competition: (f.r.t.l.) Dirk Zedler, B.A.U.M. board member Dieter Bruebach, Winfried Hermann, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure of the State Baden-Wuerttemberg and Albert Herresthal, managing director of VSF.

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