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Wuerttemberg’s Minister of Transport receives ministerial pedelec made by local manufacturers

Exactly 200 years after Baron Freiherr von Drais’ maiden voyage from Mannheim to Schwetzingen the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg invited around 300 guests to attend a ceremony at Mannheim’s stylish “Trafowerk” on June 12, 2017.

The highlight of the evening consisted in the presentation of two bicycle models with components mainly made in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The bicycles designed by the German service and bicycle association VSF were fabricated by Velotraum and showed the design of the state. A pedelec fitted with a Neodrives rear wheel motor from Alber, a Pinion gear system, a SON lighting set and Magura brakes and suspension fork will become the new ministerial bicycle of Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann. According to Albert Herresthal, managing director of VSF, 90 percent of the value added reportedly comes from Baden-Wuerttemberg.

In his opening speech, Minister President Winfried Kretschmann, honored the bicycle as “big bang of individual mobility” and pointed out the major significance of Baden-Wuerttemberg’s bicycle industry. The speech was followed by a panel discussion on the future development of bicycles and cycle traffic in Germany. In this connection Bernhard Lange, managing director of Paul Lange and co., underlined the major significance of the bicycle in addressing the traffic and environmental problems, in particular in the urban agglomerations. Katrin Dziekan from the German Federal Environmental Agency referred to the advantages of the cycle traffic for climate protection and quality of life. The scientist Prof. Rammler reminded politicians not to shirk unpopular decisions and mentioned in this context explicitly the redistribution of traffic areas at the expense of cars and in favour of foot and cycle traffic.

Hermino Katzenstein, Member of Parliament for the Green Party, had come alone on his tandem and offered a lift to the railstation after the event - on a Stoker saddle. “The event was a thoroughly successful recognition of the bicycle as means of transport in the present and in future”, resumes Herresthal who would have wished a stronger participation of the bicycle industry. The ceremony was attended by Siegfried Neuberger and David Eisenberger from the German Bicycle Association ZIV, Stefan and Patricia Stiener from Velotraum and bicycle tester Dirk Zedler.


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Photo: Event organiser

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