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News – Berlin, 17 November 2023

With the election of Uwe Huesch from the German insurance assona and Mareike Rauchhaus from nextbike to the board of Zukunft Fahrrad, the association has repositioned itself strategically. Now, the diversity of the cycle industry is represented even better than before, not only by the members, but also by the management of the association. Thanks to the wide-ranging expertise of the board, the Zukunft Fahrrad team is therefore very well positioned to meet the current challenges of the industry and break new ground.

Mareike Rauchhaus has been in charge of communications at nextbike for almost 15 years and helped build the company from a micromobility pioneer to the market leader in bike sharing. “In my opinion Zukunft Fahrrad is doing a great job and I see the interests of shared mobility service providers very well represented. In addition to my professional skills in public affairs for a European mobility service, I also bring a female perspective of the industry to the board. To make mobility fit for the future, it must become more diverse, at the planning, decision-making and usage levels.”

As Managing Director Sales and Marketing of assona Uwe Huesch plays a key role in opening up new business areas and entering new markets. His comment on his election to the board: “The work they have done and the added value actually produced by Zukunft Fahrrad cannot be overestimated. The positive development of membership figures in recent years is good evidence of this. With my expertise in the fields of insurance and leasing, I would like to actively contribute to continuing this success story and giving the bicycle the appreciation in mobility that it has long deserved.”

The current chairman Ulrich Prediger, founder of JobRad, was reelected. Dorothee Heine (Two Wheels Good), Dirk Zedler (Zedler institute) and Peter Huerter (Fahrrad XXL) remain with him members of the board. Jakub Kopinski (PuntaVelo) and Oliver Hagen (Lofino) left the board. Both deserve great thanks for their valuable support over the past few years. They will remain in close contact to Zukunft Fahrrad.

Wasilis von Rauch, Managing Director of Zukunft Fahrrad, sees the new composition of the board as real chance for the association: “The intensive exchange between the board and the team has been a garantor for our success already over the past years. I’m very happy that with the election of Uwe Huesch and Mareike Rauchhaus we have won two persons with huge experience in completely different fields of the sector. This also helps Zukunft Fahrrad to make the sector heard politically in all its facets.”

Author: Zukunft Fahrrad

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