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Trekkingbike 03/2006
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Lightweight constructions

Interview with graduate engineer Dirk Zedler, bike expert, Ludwigsburg

How do today's manufacturing processes influence the construction of frames and components?

Due to high quantities, up-to-date aluminium tubes have become cheaper. At the same time, a transfer of technology from the  high-end-sector is taking place. A current trekkingbike-frame approximately matches a mountainbike- or roadbike-frame from two years ago: Tubes with thin walls, integrated headsets and cable laying, forks for ahead-systems and multifunctional drop outs. All this reduces weight and at the same time enhances function and stiffness.

How can the consumer make out safe lightweight-constructions in the shop?

The frame itself is a rather uncritical component. You can safe quite a lot of weight here as long as you know exactly what you gonna use it for. As a customer, you should insist on a frame-warranty which is valid for as long as possible. You can trust in the reliability of brand-name-components taken from the mountainbike sector. They were made for much higher stress than they are usually exposed to on a trekkingbike. Very important: The tires. Meanwhile, there is a big choice of very puncture resistant, but nevertheless lighter and well rolling tires.

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