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Cycle trade association “Bundesverband Zukunft Fahrrad” (BVZF) founded in Berlin

The cycle industry has a new association striving at representing the interests of the cycle industry and pushing forward a change in German transport policies pro bicycle. The trade association “Bundesverband Zukunft Fahrrad“ (BVZF) was founded by all in all 21 German companies – mainly from the service sector. Who stands behind and what are the ojectives they are striving for?

The BVZF was founded by 21 German companies of th19e cycle industry

The BVZF’s board of six is composed of Ulrich Prediger, founder and managing director of JobRad GmbH, Mareike Rauchhaus, head of communications at nextbike, Dorothee Heine, founder of the consulting agency Two Wheels Good, Oliver Hagen, tax consultant and founder of Lofino GmbH, Sven Kindervater, marketing and strategy at Citkar GmbH and bike tester Dirk Zedler, founder and managing director of Zedler Group. The board thus bundles the sectors job bike leasing, bike rental, mobility consulting, company mobility apps, bike logistics and bike safety.

Chairman Prediger declares: “The bicycle and in particular the electric bicycle offer enormous potentials to solve our mobility problems. The cycle industry as a growing sector offers different products and services pushing forward a turnaround in mobility. This significance of both the bicycle and the bicycle industry must be considered much more in the political decisions. This is what we will speak up for.” It were of major importance that the bicycle were brought into the focus of taxes, charges and infrastructural politics. Because many fiscal conditions, such as the official car taxation, had an enormous controlling effect in terms of transport and climate policies.

“We want mobility to become multimodal and digital. There are already many services available connecting the local public transport and the bicycle. Digital solutions will make it easier for people to switch over to these eco-friendly means of transport. Politics must use these potentials much more”, declares board member Mareike Rauchhaus. The foundation of the association came along with the implementation of a new web presence available at

Collaboration offered

With the new association appears a further political voice on the subject “bicycle” in Berlin. For years the German bicycle association Verbund Service und Fahrrad (VSF) has been committed in lobbying for the bicycle sector in Berlin. Their chairman Albert Herresthal offers a collaboration to the new association. Towards Herresthal states: “We are glad that the new service provider association will be a further ally for lobbying in Berlin. It is great that now some companies are committed in the service provider association that have not been active in association policy to date. Many of the political objectives of the new association comply with the ones of VSF. We will often work in the same direction and maybe get additional issues up together with our other partners of the cycle industry in Berlin”.

Author: Jürgen Wetzstein
Photo: BVZF


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