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Double reason to celebrate

Zedler Group: Company anniversary and move into the new home

Something special has been created: All guests from politics, the cycle industry and the media who had come to celebrate the ceremonial opening of the new low-energy company building of Zedler Group in Ludwigsburg agreed upon this. And there was another reason to celebrate and admire: Together with his meanwhile 24 full-time employees Dirk Zedler celebrated his 25th anniversary.

An impressive building - the new company building of the Zedler Group

When planning the 1800 sqm building, nothing was left to chance. This became clear to the guests during the tour through the new company building. In the basement there are the test laboratories with accompanying technology and work areas as well as the department for incoming and outgoing goods. The ground floor includes the offices and the expert’s reports department with workshop and photo lab. The upper floor has a big multi-purpose room that can be used for exhibitions and seminars as well.

Another major issue during planning was to create a feel-good atmosphere for the employees. This is achieved by the reasonable use of the materials wood, concrete, alu/steel and glass. The bicycle topic is omnipresent in all rooms, be it in form of pictures or bicycle exhibits of all types. The kitchen is both meeting point and break room for the team and has enough capacity to be also used for catering on the occasion of events.

All this was realized by using a few selected materials only and by pairing them with an intelligent energy management as well as the production of company-own electricity by means of photovoltaics. Example: The warm water supply and the heating are ensured by the waste heat from the compressed-air production (compressed air for the test stands) or, if necessary, by heat pumps.

All in all a showcase project: This is how sustainable company buildings can be built in a future-oriented way.

High-ranking visit in Ludwigsburg

In the entrance hall of the new building

Dirk Zedler welcomed more than 140 guests at the new company building, among them the “Who’s who” of the Germany bicycle industry as well as prominent representatives of regional and local politics. During the official part of the opening Baden-Wuerttemberg’s transport minister Winfried Hermann had for example the first word and praised Dirk Zedler as well as the bicycle industry. Hermann stated that the sector was built up and designed by decision makers and enthusiasts with heart and soul. And the Zedler company was a shining example for that, the new building would manifest the level on which they were working.

Anniversary certificate from ZIV

Bernhard Lange hands over the honorary certificate of ZIV to Dirk Zedler

In the name of the executive board of the German association Zweirad-Industrie-Verband e.V. Bernhard Lange for the first time handed over the anniversary certificate in recognition of 25 years of innovation and commitment for the bicycle to Dirk Zedler for the Zedler Group. He had built up the business from the empty desk to the company in its current form with passion and social competence which is exemplary far beyond the sector. In view of mobility of the future, Dirk Zedler would continue to play an important role as visionary, stated Lange.

Author: Jürgen Wetzstein
Photos: Zedler

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