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New company building of Zedler-Group takes shape

TOPPING-OUT CEREMONY IN LUDWIGSBURG – Eleven months after the grounding breaking, the Zedler-Group celebrated the topping-out ceremony for the new company building in Ludwigsburg. On the occasion of a small party for craftsmen, staff members and business partners the completion of the outer shell was celebrated.

Richtfest 2017 - Zedler-Institut
Topping-out ceremony for the new company building of Zedler-Group

Provided that the inner construction will continue as planned, the move with start in June. Subsequently, the company-own test laboratories and offices will move step-by-step from the former location to the new company location. During the party, the sworn in bicycle expert Dirk Zedler expressed his thanks in his role as managing director and building contractor to all parties involved for their tremendous commitment. He showed himself happy and relieved about the fast progress of the construction in spite of the harsh winter.

The new building is located at a distance of 100 metres only from the current company building in Ludwigsburg. With 1500 square metres of usable space on three levels, Zedler-Group will be able to work on more than twice as much space as before. "In future, the three business branches testing technology, user manuals and expert reports will have the possibilities to work under ideal conditions for their customers on the well-know, high-quality level", says Dirk Zedler. In particular the test laboratory will have more and better arranged space. Material tests for bicycle manufacturers and importers as well as for magazines can be conducted there at a higher number and more efficient than at the current location with limited space.
In addition, the building provides space for seminars with up to 150 participants. Another new thing is the company-own collection comprising more than 300 bicycles from the past 200 years.

Author: Jürgen Wetzstein
Press release
Photos: Zedler

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