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Cyclingworld AWARD 2024 with prestigious expert jury

Cyclingworld Europe is restructuring the allocation of its coveted awards and, for the first time, appointing a five-member expert jury for the final accolades. From now until 1 February 2024, exhibitors and non-exhibitors can submit their products in the revised categories. After the expert jury meeting on the day before the exhibition, the winner for the awards will be announced at the opening of Cyclingworld 2024 on March 15.

From top left to bottom right: CEO Stefan Maly, Michael Lanz, Ursula Tischner, Wolfgang Scherreiks, Dirk Zedler, Paul Kefer

From March 15 to 17, 2024, Cyclingworld Europe will take place at the Böhler area in Düsseldorf The fact that the exhibition was almost fully booked six months in advance for its sixth edition suggests that Cyclingworld has established itself as one of the most important bicycle fairs in Europe, both for the general public and the bicycle industry. A longstanding part of the event is the Cyclingworld Award, recognized as a coveted seal of quality for the best products in the world of bicycles. Originally conceived as a purely audience award, a significant overhaul is planned for 2024, with the criteria for individual awards adjusted, and, notably, a high-profile expert jury having the final say on the industry's best. “The Cyclingworld Europe Awards have gained increasing significance in recent years. To meet this development, we have significantly professionalized and enhanced the award presentation for 2024. This is primarily achieved by transforming the award from a purely audience voting system into a combination of audience and expert jury awards," says Stefan Maly, the initiator of the exhibition.

Submissions for the award are now open

The starting signal for the Cyclingworld Award has already been given. Exhibitors and non-exhibitors can submit their products online through the exhibition's website until February 1, 2024, at the latest. Specifically, one award will be given for each of the categories: Cargo, Road, Urban, Gravel, Kids, MTB/ATB, Fashion & Accessories, and Parts & Technology. However, unlike before, more detailed information about the products is required for submissions to meet the participation criteria. For the first time, there will also be a fee for submitting an award application, but it is reasonable. After the submission phase, the public voting will take place online, from which the top eight to ten finalists in each category will be scrutinized by the expert jury. During the expert jury session, held on the day before the Cyclingworld in Düsseldorf, the best products will be personally examined and honoured on the opening night with an award.

Distinguished expert jury for the Cyclingworld Award

The new expert jury is certainly prominent:
Dirk Zedler, founder and CEO of the Zedler Group, is well-known to many industry experts. As an established expert on bicycles and electric bicycles, he will bring his technical expertise to the expert jury.

Michael Lanz, a renowned product designer and design strategist, as well as a member of the Advisory Board for Creative Industries at BMAW in Austria, is also a member of the expert jury. “I have always been very interested in bicycles and own several that I have restored and redesigned myself. As a designer, functionality, detail quality, and durability are paramount to me, alongside formal aesthetics. However, I am also very curious about the innovative ideas that will be presented to us as jurors. I find it fascinating how the concept of the bicycle, which has
been around for so long, is continually reinterpreted. This is exciting because, in the context of climate change and the expansion of a multimodal transportation system, the bicycle is gaining even more importance as a means of transport," says the former head of the Institute for "Product & Transportation Design" at FH JOANNEUM in Graz.

"Bicycles are already sustainable means of transportation, but there is certainly room for improvement in terms of durability, functionality, material use, and recyclability. There is also potential in accessories. In the jury, I will particularly contribute my expertise in sustainable design," adds Ursula Tischner, Professor of Sustainable Design at Wilhelm Büchner University in Darmstadt and CEO of econcept, Agency for Sustainable Design, who has also been appointed to the expert jury.

On the dealer side, serving as a link between manufacturers and end consumers, Paul Kefer is part of the expert jury. The business graduate has been operating seven speciality stores under the Munix Finest Bicycles and stilrad°° labels in Munich since 2012 and is considered an outspoken industry expert.

Last but not least, Wolfgang Scherreiks, an author and journalist, completes the expert jury quintet. “Cyclingworld Europe is now the most important bike independent show. Curated with heart from the start, equally curious about small and large providers. I am delighted to be a jury member for the awards in 2024. Categories from Road to Urban, Parts to Fashion, focus on the diversity of bicycle culture. To inspire more people for cycling, you need not only a contemporary infrastructure but also bicycles themselves and their accessories must convince both bike aficionados and newcomers. This includes the relationship between innovative technology and external product design. I am curious to see what solutions the brands will present,” says Scherreiks, former editor-in-chief of the magazine “Cycle” and now the author of numerous articles on mobility and cultural topics in various newspapers and trade magazines.


Author: Velototal
Photo: Cyclingworld Europe

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