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Eurobike Award 2018 presented 40 times

Every year the Eurobike Award is eagerly anticipated by the cycle industry. Whereas the participating companies are looking forward to receiving an award, the prize gives a first overview of the most exciting novelties for the entire sector. Applications for 366 products from various categories were sent in, thus reflecting the whole range of innovative force in the sector. It was finally reserved to the expert panel of six to select the highlights of the coming model year worthy to receive the prize from the field of participants.

This meanwhile 14th issue of the Eurobike Award was once again characterized by a large range of products handed in which from the manufacturer’s point of view have the potential to define new trends on the cycle market. In spite of the by almost two months earlier Eurobike Show date this year, the big number of 366 products applied for the coveted Eurobike Award. For the expert panel of six it was a challenging task including a two-stage process to select from a multitude of applicants the product novelties worthy to receive the award.

This task was not only handled with a lot of expertise among the panel members, but also with partly different views on the products handed in. The special-interest media was represented in the Eurobike Award panel by the journalists Marta Villa and Sissi Pärsch. Wolfgang Hohman managing a much noticed cycling shop in Dubai had a commercial point of view. As textile designer and endurance athlete the Brit Cat Heraty put in bikewear competence and more, whereas panel member Tarek Rasouli contributed his inside knowledge of the mountain bike scene. With Dirk Zedler a renowned expert for bicycle tests and product safety contributed his professional opinion to the decisions of the jury.

At the end of the two-stage process the jury members finally agreed on 40 products which will be displayed as trend setters on a prominent stage in a special show at Foyer East of the Friedrichshafen Eurobike Show. For 12 products that in the jury’s opinion had a particularly high innovative character, the Eurobike Award was gold-plated in addition. Furthermore, two other product novelties received the special Green Award in the field of sustainability.

“The bicycle market is currently facing many new influences, such as modified demands on mobility, but also an increasing influence due to digitisation. The Eurobike Award also documents with how much bravour this challenge is handled by the market players in the cycle industry. It offers once again a concentrated view on the innovative future of the bicycle market”, says Eurobike project leader Dirk Heidrich.


Author: Velototal
Photo: Velototal


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