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Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung, 2014/06/20
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Bicycles with blue lights

Ludwigsburg institute for bicycle technology donates two very special emergency vehicles to the Red Cross.

The bicycles come along with high-quality aluminium frames with a white special paint, red cross and blue lights as a highlight. During the collaboration with the leaders of the bicycle team Michael Raidt and Andreas Schumacher nothing was left unconsidered when planning the "ambulance bicycle". With the help of these bicycles the paramedics are able to transport all major instruments and basic drugs in packing bags to the place of emergency.

"At mass events, at the garden show "Blühendes Barock" in Ludwigsburg or the Ludwigsburg Horse Market we can reach emergencies faster on the bicycles. At such events the ambulance often gets stuck and going to the emergency by foot may be not fast enough", explains Andreas Steinhauser, chairman of the local branch of the German Red Cross, the advantages of fast emergency vehicles. To ensure that this remains the case, the institute for bicycle technology and safety will continue to support the German Red Cross. Because a major part of the about 2000 Euro comprising package are, according to managing director Dirk Zedler, is maintenance and repair. (red)

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