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Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung, 2018/06/30
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“Lighthouse in the cycle industry”

LUDWIGSBURG. From the outside the building impresses with its sober, but high-quality façade made of spruce wood. The extensive glazing allows an interesting view into the entrance area. In the new building of Ludwigsburg’s Zedler-Group, the expert institute for bicycles and e-bikes, passion literally hangs from the walls: Several bicycles clearly show where the company heart beats.

State-of-the-art and efficient: The new building of Zedler-Group

Just in time for the 25th anniversary of the company Dirk Zedler had the “innovative energy-efficient building” inaugurated. Honoured guests like Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann, Ludwigsburg’s Mayor Werner Spec or Bernhard Lange, presidium member of the German bicycle association ZIV showed themselves impressed. Hermann opened his speech in saying that he would also be fond of working in such a building.

Zedler-Group is divided in three departments: They include Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -sicherheit, Gesellschaft der Fahrrad-Sachverständigen and Sachverständigenbüro für Fahrradtechnik. “The Zedler-Group has one of the biggest and best bicycle laboratories worldwide”, praised Bernhard Lange. “The entire cycle industry can be proud of Dirk Zedler and his team.”

The building with the new test labs, offices, workshops as well as a large seminar area is to convince not only by architecture, but also by a specific sustainability. “The hot water production and heating, for example, are ensured through process heat generated by the test machines themselves”, says architect Harald Jahnke. “The building is also intended to generate power that can be used for mobility in future.”

In the entrance hall already bicycles are attached to the walls

One highlight inside is the seminar room with integrated museum. Bicycles from all ages hang on the walls. “They are part of Dirk Zedler’s collection and that of a friend”, reports test engineer Norman Thalheimer. The company draws up more than 900 expert’s report per year. According to Thalheimer they neither repair nor produce own bicycles. Zedler’s main business is prototype testing. Every individual part has its own test stand. This allows simultaneous tests of saddles, frames or handlebars at the same time. “Compared to our former laboratory we have tripled the test stands”, says Thalheimer. “This ensures fast testing. That makes the difference between us and other laboratories.” It was already in the spring months of the past year that the team members moved into the new facilities.

Transport minister Winfried Hermann mentioned the change in the cycle industry. “A lot of things have changed in the past. The bicycle has become a modern means of transport that is able to solve many problems.” This is where Mayor Spec continued in requesting a rethinking with regard to CO2 values. “We will only handle this problem in doing more for local public transport and the bicycle.” Ludwigsburg were for example planning a second bicycle parking garage with up to 500 parking lots. According to Spec, the bicycle industry would make an enormous contribution to sustainability. In this connection the Zedler company were the lighthouse in this sector. Zedler also pointed out that the bicycle would gain more and more significance and that it would be more than pedals and tyres. Bernhard Lange made clear that the future of mobility were also to be found in the bicycle. “Until the year 2021 we will have sold up to 1.2 millions of e-bikes in Germany alone.” According to his estimates, the number of pedelecs and e-bikes on Germany’s roads would increase to up to 15 millions by the year 2030. “Visionaries like Dirk Zedler and his team would continue to play an important role in future.”

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Author: Vera Benner
Photos: Oliver Bürkle

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