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Marbacher Zeitung, March 20, 2003
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"Nobody will be left alone in this competition"

Great guests at opening of mz3atholn – construction works at Wellarium are reason to worry – already 75 entrants on first day

The countdown is running: On Tuesday evening, about 150 visitors came to witness an interesting event at the Murrer Bürgerhaus opening the fourth mz3athlon which will take place on May, 18. around the Steinheim-based Wellarium. 75 athletes made use of the registration start in order to make sure they can participate in the competition. Among the guests also was Peter Weinert, the new chairman of the triathlon federation Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Host Achim Seiter in peak form, interesting guests on the mz3athlon-orange sofas. The audience hang on every word of Ultraman-athletes Conny Dauben and Ulli Winkelmann. Bike expert Dirk Zedler gave helpful advice about the bike (...). Being a three-time finisher of the mz3athlon, he touted the competition in Steinheim with shining eyes.


Dirk Zedler encouraged all those who will participate in the Steinheim triathlon for the first time. "Nobody will be left alone in this competition."

Time to prepare the bike
Dirk Zedler’s bike tips

"I made all mistakes I could make when doing my first triathlon in 1985", says Dirk Zedler, bike expert and editor at TOUR road cycling magazine. In Murr he shows, how to do it properly. His tips for preparing the bike for the triathlon:

Water and a little detergent suffice for cleaning the bike. With a steam emitter you destroy the lubrication. After 3.000 kilometers, the chain needs to be checked for wear and tear. Never exchange chain or parts shortly before the competition. The tires should have the pressure given. Too little pressure causes higher rolling friction and slows down the bike. The maximum pressure should not be exceeded. The tire gets harder, but not faster. 

In the proper meaning of the word "finisher", every participant should carry with him a small bag with tube and a pump. A minor mishap is no reason to give up. Aerobars are useful. The upper body is relieved, the legs have more oxygen at their disposal. Futhermore, aerodynamics are improved. After assembly, the riding position has to be adjusted. Riding with such a handlebar needs some practice. The neck is stressed more, special gymnastics are recommendable. 

Zedler: "I do not consider it advisable to plunge oneself into a mini-triathlon with expensive equipment. Whip into shape the bike you normally ride. Then you will really have fun."

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