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Ludwigsburger Wochenblatt, 2013/03/23
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Open House Day in the famous bicycle laboratory

Zedler-Institut in Ludwigsburg is a star in the cycle industry and it is impossible to imagine the world of the popular sport and leisure without them. In Eglosheim, the new models of many famous bike brands are tested thoroughly before they are brought on the market. On April 1st, the institute invites people to guided tours of the modern test centre.

Zedler-Institut is also bicycle museum

Ludwigsburg: On Saturday, April 1st, exactly three decades after its foundation, Zedler-Institut celebrates its company anniversary with an Open House Day.

Looking back

In the early 1990s, the mountain bike and triathlon boom was in full swing, with millions of sports bikes sold every year and the number of bicycle accidents increasing at the same time. What was missing were experts who were able to correctly determine the values of bicycles, analyse failures and rate damage patterns with regard to possible courses.

In these days, after an apprenticeship as a craftsman, a degree in mechanical engineering, experience in the bicycle trade and well over a hundred cycling and triathlon events under his belt, Dirk Zedler set up his own business as a bicycle expert. At the CCI, the business idea was commented on with the following sentence: “Who needs that?“.

Today, 30 years later, and following tens of thousands of experts reports, countless articles in the special-interest press and consumer magazines and well over 100 lectures, TV shoots and podcasts as an experienced expert, the company founder Dirk Zedler is content: “The Zedler-Group has not only made a name for itself with courts and insurers, but also developed into a hidden champion of the global cycle industry with other highly specialised business fields.”

This often difficult but, in the end, successful path is celebrated by the company. On the day of the company anniversary, the multiple award-winning, climate-positive company building will be open to all interested parties inside and outside the industry. In the museum, the development of the bicycle can be experienced at first hand and the unique collection of precious bicycles and accessories worth seeing from the last 200 years can be viewed.

The Zedler-Group team will be available all the time to answer questions and explain what amazing ideas bicycle manufacturers came up with well over 100 years ago.

In house tours, the experts, test engineers and technical documentation experts will accompany the registered visitors for one hour through the rooms, which are normally not open to the public for reasons of confidentiality towards the company's business partners.


Author: Michael Langjahr
Photo: Zedler-Institut

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