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LKZ 2017/04/04
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Tips for sound cycling

There is one extra thing bicycle expert Dirk Zedler wouldn’t want to do without: a good tyre pump, preferably a track pump with pressure gauge. Price between 30 and 50 Euro.

For longer trips he never sets off without cycling shorts. According to Zedler, a cycle enthusiast himself, it is also possible to wear them under your jeans. Cycling shorts are padded and have seams which prevent skin abrasion. During cycling you should make sure your back is straight. The 54-old advises against riding with an arched back and recommends making the back long and high instead of short and deep. This is how you achieve your ideal seating position. If your neck hurts after a long ride, a higher handlebar may help you. In general, it is advisable to have the legs straight when your heel is on the pedal with flat-soled shoes. By pedalling with the ball of your foot on the pedal your leg is then not fully straight.

Author: Michael Mueller

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