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Bietigheimer Zeitung 2016/06/08
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Zedler-Group: Additional space for the test laboratory

Zedler-Group is growing and laying the tracks for the future. With a new building in Ludwigsburg they create more space.

Zedler-Group, new building, test laboratory, training centre
The new building of Zedler-Group will be ready for occupancy in autumn 2017. As the test laboratory is experiencing continuous growth, the new building is to provide more space in particular for the lab. A bicycle museum will also be included.

In terms of space and logistics Zedler GmbH, an institute for bicycle technology and safety at Teinacher Strasse 51 in Ludwigsburg, has reached its limits in the present company building. According to the managing director Dirk Zedler, a new building were therefore a logical step which would enable them to provide a consistently high level of service to their customers in future, as well.

At the beginning of the building project Ludwigsburg’s City Councillor for Building and Construction Michael Ilk stated that the city of Ludwigsburg were about to become a bicycle city and in this respect the new company headquarters with museum of Zedler-Group would be a vital component to improve the acceptance of the bicycle future in Ludwigsburg.

The new three storey building is to reflect the corporate philosophy. With transparent and bright, technically state-of-the-art and sustainable conditions the working groups of the experts, the technical documentation and the testing technology are to find ideal working conditions in the new building with all in all 1300 sqm of floor space from late spring 2017 on.

The building’s energy concept is not only based on the insulation measures, but also on the usage and storage of waste heat of the compressors. Together with a daylight management system, a solar plant for service water and a photovoltaic system to generate electricity, the building will be nearly energy-independent.

The statement of the company further states that the location is only about 100 metres away from the current headquarters which will ensure a frictionless continuation of operations during the phase of moving. The tasks of the test laboratory had allegedly experienced a particular growth. For this reason the new company would provide far more space for this division.

The training facilities are to be enlarged significantly, as well. In these facilities the extensive collection of historical bicycles collected by the Ludwigsburg bicycle enthusiast Helge Schultz together with company founder Dirk Zedler will find their place in the new building. The training centre in Ludwigsburg will open in autumn 2017 also for other companies.


Author: bz

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