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Bietigheimer Zeitung, 2020/12/30
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Zedler-Group wins Business Award for the Environment

Ludwigsburg – Since 1993, the prize has been awarded for outstanding achievements in corporate environmental protection and for exemplary environmentally oriented corporate management. This year it was also awarded to Zedler-Institut.

Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Minister of the Environment Franz Untersteller (on the right) with moderator Ingolf Baur during the online award ceremony

For the final round of the “Business Award for the Environment 2020” 21 companies had qualified, but only seven of them were awarded by the federal state. Among them in the category “Trade and Services” the Zedler institute for bicycle technology in Ludwigsburg. Each of the seven companies will receive a prize money of 10 000 Euro. The money has to be invested into environmental protection in the company. “All 21 companies that made it to the final round of the Award for the Environment face up to their ecological responsibility in very different ways every day. Climate protection, energy transition, resource efficiency are not just empty words for them, but are realized in an impressing way,” Untersteller praised the finalists of this year’s Award for the Environment.

The hundreds of large and small-scale measures which have been steadily developed over the past 25 years convinced the jury of the federal state Baden-Wuerttemberg that according to the company awarded the Business Award for the Environment to the Zedler-Group.

Among these measures are the intelligent use of process waste heat, the exclusive reuse of used packaging material, a building insulation made of recycled paper, leakage detection of the compressed air system, cistern water for toilet flushing, 48 percent of self-generated electricity, recycled plastics instead of concrete, unsealed courtyard areas, an all-year share of cycle traffic above 70 percent and much more.

Scored in the biggest category
With these measures the Zedler-Group could substantiate to the jury their eco-friendliness in the biggest category “Trade and Services”. “My team and I are absolutely happy to receive this prestigious award and recognition in our issues of the heart, i.e. sustainability and climate protection”, says managing director Dirk Zedler. A few months ago, Zedler- Institut as a small company in the cycle industry have already been able to prove in the course of certification by the German Sustainable Building Council that climate-positive commercial buildings are just as possible as climate-neutral business operations, i.e. without certificate trading. Minister Franz Untersteller awarded the Baden-Wuerttemberg Business Award for the Environment 2020 in a live connection via video

Author: bz
Photo: Zedler-Group

The winners were selected from a total of 54 applications by a jury consisting of representatives from scientific institutes, business organisations, trade unions, environmental and nature conservation associations, the State Office for the Environment (LUBW), Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Ministry of Economics and Ministry of the Environment.

Zedler - Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit
For more than 25 years, Zedler-Institut, based in Ludwigsburg, have been developing user manuals for bicycles of all types and for bicycle components as bicycle experts. The user manuals are regularly awarded test winner, for example. by the German foundation for comparative product testing (Stiftung Warentest).

According to the institute, customers in Germany from the European countries to Canada and China appreciate the outstanding quality of Zedler’s user manuals that are meanwhile available in more than 40 languages. In another business division, the engineers around the publicly appointed and sworn-in bicycle and electric bicycle expert and managing director Dirk Zedler develop and build testing systems for the measurement of riding characteristics, for the determination of impact and overload behaviour as well as for fatigue tests of bicycle frames and components. Testing systems from Ludwigsburg provide assistance for new developments to international and national manufacturers.
In the company own test laboratories in Ludwigsburg quality, stiffness and service strength tests are available for customers from all over the world.

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