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BIKE 03/2016
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BIKE explains the world

Reader’s question

I have a Specialized Epic built in 2006 and cycled about 40000 km on it – forest trails as well as Alpcross and marathon races. My question: Can an aluminium frame become soft over time?

Reply by graduate engineer Dirk Zedler, two-wheel expert

"The myth of (aluminium) frames gone soft is nearly as old as the bicycle itself. This cannot happen to metal frames, as the stiffness depends on the material-own modulus of elasticity which doesn’t change during use. This physical law has already been proved by the German special interest magazine TOUR with tests of several frames on dynamic test stands years ago. If, in fact, an aluminium component goes noticeably soft, it already shows incipient cracks and is very close to complete failure. In most of the cases the changing feeling of the rider arises from other factors. It is therefore recommended to check first of all the firm seat and condition of the add-on parts and bearings. The argument ‘aluminium frame has gone soft’ may be helpful to push through the decision to buy a new bike with regard to the housekeeping money; it is, however, not convincing to the expert."

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