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The most common safety risks that we come across in our daily work around bicycle safety, technology and operating instructions are also published by us in articles in the leading German special-interest magazines TOUR (Europe's road bike magazine no. 1), BIKE (Europe's mountain bike magazine no. 1), MYBIKE and EMTB in order to make this information, which is important for the industry, available to a wider public.

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BIKE 10/2014
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"A brake pad loosening from the holder is not necessarily an immediate problem during braking. However, as soon as the rider opens the brake after braking, the brake pad can fall out through the developing gap as a result of the shocks occurring on the trail. 

If the rider wants to brake later, he comes to nothing. Repeated pumping is theoretically possible. But the experience from many accidents with brake problems has shown that there is either no time or the rider is too shocked that he can no longer react or makes a mistake. Even in cases where only the rear wheel no longer functions, bikers have overturned, because they pulled the front brake wheel too hard on impulse. There is no alternative to reliably working brakes."

Author: Dirk Zedler, bicycle expert

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