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Warranty coverage also for wearing parts on e-bikes?

There is no bicycle the chain and cassette of which wear down as fast as on e-bikes. Sometimes, the drive already fails after 500 kilometres. A case of warranty? Expert Dirk Zedler clears things up. (...)

Is there at all such a thing as warranty for wearing parts?
Dirk Zedler: Liability for material defects, meanwhile the correct term, is a delicate subject in the case of wearing parts. In principle, wearing parts are not excluded from the liability for material defects. Such products must also be within a reasonably expected service life for this category.

This leaves room for interpretation. What exactly would be a reasonably assumed service life for an E-MTB drive?
Dirk Zedler: That’s actually often a point of contention. Especially information on the correct care, maintenance and replacement intervals of a product should be included in good operating instructions. If in doubt, consult an expert. I am of the opinion: A bicycle chain on a high-quality e-bike for, let’s say, 4000 euros should last at least 1000 kilometres. Components such as the cassette should last longer. Currently, this is hardly realistic because the components still used on e-bikes are not up to the high drive force. This is actually unacceptable for the consumers.

Why are there still hardly any lawsuits against dealers or manufacturers?
Dirk Zedler: The amount in dispute is simply too low for wearing parts. With 250 euros for a new chain and cassette, you will hardly find a lawyer who will go to court over it. Besides, the dealers cushion probably a lot. The situation is different, however, with major damage, where even the dealers see themselves unable to cope with. For example, in case of damage to the electronics. Due to the larger amount in dispute, the reverse transaction of an entire purchase contract is also often at stake here, and lawsuits are much more frequent.

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The interview was conducted by Adrian Kaether

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