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e-bike 01/2013
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Play safe

Comment on purchase advice for e-bikes

Anti-lock brake systems and electronic driving stability programs keep today’s cars safely on track, even if drivers come close to physical limits and make mistakes in addition. 

These widespread developments were initiated by spectacular reports in the press and on TV about the Mercedes-A-class tipping over during the elk test and Audi's TT sports car which happened to become instable at high speed in bends, when the driver took his foot suddenly off the accelerator.

Many pedelecs not even require riding manoeuvres at the limit to develop a dangerous life of their own. When you ride as you are used to at reduced speed, it suffices already to take off one hand from the handlebars to indicate for example the direction, to close the jacket or to push a button on the cycle computer that the handlebar starts to wobble. In the case of some constructions the handlebar wobbling doesn't stop from alone. The transport of bagages, as is usual for trekking or city bikes, exacerbates this problem in addition.

The fact that a thoroughly designed pedelec works reliably and wobble-free is proved by a few models in our tests. This does not even mean that these pedelecs are significantly more expensive or heavier. But the designers have to react without delay to ensure that all pedelecs become safer, thus preventing further falls. I strongly urge buyers to only buy stable pedelecs for their own safety.

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