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e-bike 01/2013
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Ready to set off for spring

Sitting in the saddle and setting off – a perfect start into the season. To avoid, however, back or wrist pains after the first few kilometres, it’s advisable to perform a quick check: Make your pedelec more comfortable and more efficient in a few easy steps with the right knowledge. Read now how it works.

Your height and proportions are decisive for the size of your bicycle frame. Ask your bicycle dealer for advice. With the bicycle type you make a first choice of how you will sit on your bicycle. The seat post, the stem and the brake levers of your bicycle allow, however, an adjustment to your proportions within a certain range (…)

Both the handlebar height in relation to the saddle height and the distance between sadle and handlebars are decisive for the inclination of your back. With lower handlebars you have a streamlined position and bring more weight to bear on the front wheel. This forward-leaning position is something you have to get used to, as it strains wrists, arms, the upper part of your body and the neck. For pedelecs which tend to wobble a more streamlined position is however a big advantage (…)

The handlebar ends of pedelecs are often slightly bent to allow a more comfortable position of the hands. Make sure to adjust the handlebars in a position that allows your wrists and elbows to be relaxed (…)

The distance between the handlebar grips and the saddle is important for the inclination of your back and thus for the riding comfort and dynamics. The seat post slide allows a modification of this distance within a limited range. Moving the saddle rail on the seat post has, however, also an impact on your pedalling(…)

If you have bought your pedelec from a bike shop, it has been tested on the occasion of a final check. As changes to the functioning may have occurred during use or transport of the pedelec or as changes may have been made by a third person during non-use time, you should go through the following tests which will take no more than a few seconds before every ride (…)

Author: Dirk Zedler

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