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SAZbike 15/2019
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Leasing returns reach new customers

The stock of high-value second-hand bicycles increases with the leasing returns that are not taken over. Manufacturers welcome this development, as the chances clearly outweigh.

SAZbike asks
Bike leasing is a real success story. But not every leasing bike is taken over upon contract end. The second-hand market for used bikes is thus growing. How do you see the growing market of second-hand bikes? Do you see any consequences for the sale of new bicycles?

Dirk Zedler - Zedler-lnstitut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit
Currently, e-bikes are improving from your to year. This creates more and more incentives to buy a current model. The second-hand bicycles will also find their market, as they offer good quality at highly reduced prices. The industry must communicate to the customer the benefits of good second-hand bikes compared to cheap models possibly costing the same price, bikes from the department store for example. For this purpose you have to work on the image of electric second-hand bikes.


Many manufacturers expect consequences for the market of new bicycles as soon as the growth will reduce. A development like the one on the car market seems to be consensus. The manufacturers also want to reach new target groups with the less expensive entry level prices of quality pedelecs.

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