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SAZbike 18/2014
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Three wheel sizes – a step towards more customer friendliness?

Offering bigger wheels for mountain bikes was overdue, according to suppliers. This created new buying incentives. And now? "26 inches are dead", says a representative of the industry in accordance with lots of other suppliers. Many insiders of the sector think that the smallest wheel size will have only a right to exist in the entry-level segment. But at present, no one knows whether or not the 29ers or the 27.5ers are the future size. Both sizes are available for the moment. To complete the confusion, a few manufacturers fall back on 26 inches. As the retail sector wishes no more than two wheel sizes, the confusion continues. And most of the fatbikes, the new bicycle type, roll on 26-inch wheels. Read further below which size your supplier will offer in future.

SAZbike asked suppliers
The introduction of new wheel sizes has changed a lot on the MTB market. What are your experiences with them?

Dirk Zedler – Zedler institute
The situation is still a sorry one until the back and forth has settled. A non-reflective, as unadjusted selection of the wheel size by the manufacturers has stirred up the market. This was unnecessary. The number of different sizes is not helping the stockage of spare parts.


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