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May 25, 2021
Video 12:20 minutes

Used e-bikes in the workshop check

Finally arrived in the media: electric-assisted bikes have firmly established themselves as motor of the sustainable change of mobility. The German regional channel SWR broadcasted in its programme “Marktcheck“ on 25.05.2021 a report on the alarming results in an e-bike workshop check.

Part of the filming was a random workshop check in which electric-assisted bikes were sent for service after several years of use.

To assess the condition before and especially after the dealer inspections, SWR took the electric-assisted bikes to the test workshop of Zedler-Group and asked our publicly appointed and sworn bicycle and e-bike expert Dirk Zedler for his expertise.

For all those who missed the programme on 25.05.2021, the report is also available online.

Photo: © SWR

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