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TOUR 02/2014
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Cleaning with acetone

Reader’s question

In one of your workshop articles you point out that the parts must be free of grease before mounting the stem. I therefore cleaned the carbon fork steerer tube with acetone, before applying the carbon mounting paste I now learned from a friend that acetone would attack and damage carbon. Now, I don’t know whether or not to replace my fork to be on the safe side.

Reply by Dirk Zedler, TOUR technology expert and bicycle expert

Acetone is a wonderful cleaning agent which may contain however, like all cleaning agents, harmful solvents. Acetone has the potential to attack materials which are otherwise very resistant, just like carbon. Nevertheless, you cannot advise against using acetone with carbon as a rule. There is no risk in wiping off a fork steerer tube with a rag slightly soaked with acetone. If you drown however the fork steerer tube with acetone or if you let the acetone act on it for a long period of time, it cannot be excluded that the fork steerer tube will be damaged as a consequence. As I do not know how you’ve treated your fork steerer tube, I cannot give any further advise. If you decide not to replace your fork, make sure to check the secure fit of the stem at regular intervals. Do not exceed the maximum torque values specified by the bicycle or stem manufacturer and always apply the lower one.

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