51,000 kilometres or 31,700 miles

The team members of Zedler-Group do not only deal with bicycle theory. In fact, they use their bikes for commuting every day - even at sub-zero temperatures. All kilometres taken together, they ride once around the world every year.

For many of the employees working at Zedler-Group offers the opportunity to combine personal passion with professional commitment. The fact that they use their bicycles for commuting regularly, hereby covering considerable distances, is therefore not astonishing. A current count revealed that the 22 employees cover a distance of altogether 51,000 kilometres / 31,700 miles by commuting. This is once around the world. The daily distances range from a few hundred metres to up to 50 kilometres / 31 miles. This means all in all about 230 kilometres / 140 miles ridden on average per working day.

This does not only keep the Zedler team fit and healthy, they also gather valuable practical experience on how bicycles and individual components prove in real conditions. Therefore, various test bicycles and pedelecs for commuting are made available to them by their employer. In return, the employees document distances, irregularities, wear and tear and in the case of pedelecs each battery charging. The results of a five-year study on wear and tear was published for example as largely noted report in the German special-interest magazine Trekkingbike. These bicycles are regularly serviced in the company’s own workshop to ensure that they are safe and reliable at any time.

As environmentally conscious company, Zedler-Group support their employees a lot when it comes to commuting by bike. There is for example a large, weather-proofed bicycle parking close to the company’s main entrance. Locks are available for free use. There are clean shower facilities and regularly washed towels available inside the building. Everyone has a locker and access to drying rooms for his/her cycle clothing and personal stuff.