User manuals plant 4,378 trees

Another finding from the procedures we have accompanied is that the authorities pay a lot of attention to the user manuals. In the national language, standard-compliant, printed and enclosed – then nothing can go wrong.

The crux with that: Trucks loaded with user manuals leaving the print shop are, of course, ecologically not good. However, if the user manuals avoid user frustration, operating errors, improper mounting and thus material failure or even accidents


with serious consequences, the life cycle assessment looks quite different.

But how to quantify, as avoided errors are not seizable?

For this reason, we decided years ago to print the user manuals on FSC mix paper, with eco-inks and with electricity from the print shop's own photovoltaics or, in addition, with additionally purchased green electricity.

Since 2021, we have gone even further together with our partner company. True to our concern to take as little from nature as possible, we also compensate for woodcutting, emissions from paper production and transport.

You are right: Climate-neutral by compensation is in many cases something to be questioned. We therefore made it seizable by planting trees as part of a natural forest reforestation project in Saxony-Anhalt. As a result the following trees were planted in Germany:

  • 3,287 oaks in Merseburg I
  • 245 oaks in Merseburg II
  • 312 larches in Merseburg II
  • 434 wild apples/wild cherries/wild pears in Merseburg II
  • 100 oaks in Zollhaus VI

We’ll follow up and report about the growth and thriving of the 2022 forest year – this is a promise.


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