SAZbike, 2017/02/09

Battery explosion: Dirk Zedler doubts safety awareness

Following a major fire in a shop selling electric vehicles in Hanover, Germany, caused by an exploded pedelec battery on February 7, (...) the media and the consumers question the safety of pedelec batteries. Now, the publicly appointed and sworn in expert, graduate engineer Dirk Zedler, warns of marking down pedelecs as dangerous in general.

The publicly appointed and sworn in expert Dirk Zedler

In the resulting excitement Dirk Zedler asks for patience in this matter: “Blanket speculations on the safety of pedelec batteries as a consequence of this event of loss alone are not reasonable.” The publicly appointed and sworn in expert for bicycles and electric bicycles is convinced that not all vehicle batteries can be measured by the same yardstick: "We know that various reputed battery manufacturers use every technology available to successfully prevent their products from malfunction. On the other hand we had to state that the shop in question offers complete vehicles, conversion kits, batteries from little known suppliers as well as tuning kits on their website. With some of these products the statutory reference values for the legal operation of pedelecs and further vehicles on public roads are most probably ignored. This raises doubts as to the safety awareness of the e-bike shop. Final statements cannot be given until the official findings as to the investigations of the causes of fire will be available."

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