Bietigheimer Zeitung, 2018/07/04

Lighthouse for the safety

Opening -  Zedler-Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit officially moved into their new building in Ludwigsburg.

25 years ago Zedler-Institut für Fahrradtechnik und-Sicherheit was founded in Ludwigsburg. For the company anniversary the group focussing on two-wheeler testing and inspection allowed themselves a new building at their headquarters in the baroque city which is far more than an extended company building.

The new building unifies nearly everything that is energetically and technically possible in terms of efficiency and sustainability. A showpiece building matching the orientation of the group praised as lighthouse of a new mobility by the official speakers this weekend. This is also a reason why among others Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann attended the opening of the new building in Ludwigsburg.

Hanging museum

The new Zedler institute with workshops, offices and the important test labs produce electricity and heat on their own, the latter being supplied by the testing systems.

A particular eye catcher and manifestation of Managing Director Dirk Zedler’s great passion is a hanging museum. The walls are decorated by two-wheelers from all epochs.

At Zedler’s they do not deal with bicycles, but in the laboratories it’s all about quality and safety on two wheels. At Zedler – Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH bicycles and parts are tested in their own test lab. In addition, the company develops and builds testing systems and equips the test laboratories of bicycle manufacturers. Moreover, user manuals are designed, prepared and printed. GDFS prepare bicycle reports for insurers, lawyers, manufacturers and dealers and in the loss adjusting agency for bicycle technology Dirk Zedler is acting as publicly appointed and sworn-in bicycle expert for the courts in Germany and abroad.

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