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Dirk Zedler expert for electric bicycles

LUDWIGSBURG. Spring time, cycling time: That’s the time where about two million e-bikes are flooding Germany’s roads. As the sales of electric bicycles, so called pedelecs, have been increasing in recent years.

Dirk Zedler expert for electric bicycles

According to bicycle expert Dirk Zedler about 450,000 of these bicycles found new customers in the past year alone. The CCI Stuttgart region responded to this boom and publicly appointed and swore in the bicycle expert Zedler with his company Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH in Ludwigsburg as expert for electric bicycles

In a statement Gunther Schaefer of the CCI Stuttgart region says: "With the appointment of Dirk Zedler as expert for electric bicycles we meet the development in road traffic and the demand in experts for this field. These bicycles require a particular expertise to be able to precisely assess their operational safety and damage." The swearing in of Zedler, who has been bicycle expert for 20 years on, means a further step in direction of professionalisation of the cycle sector.

"I am happy that we could convince the CCI of the necessity of this public appointment and their examination committee from our specific knowledge", adds Zedler.

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