positionen – Das Magazin der deutschen Versicherer, 02/2017

Who needs horses!

The most beautiful thing insured in the world – 300,000 Euro

We owe the bicycle to a volcanic eruption in Indonesia. In this area mount Tambora emits so huge ash clouds into the stratosphere that the weather goes mad all over the world. In this “year without summer”, Germany faces crop failures and famines. When horses become rare, because they either perish or end up on the plates, the German baron Karl Freiherr von Drais presents a brilliant idea in 1817, i.e. exactly 200 years ago: a running machine designed to replace horses. In terms of speed the “draisine” convinces: For the 15 kilometres from Mannheim to Schwetzingen it needs one hour – less than a stagecoach! One of the few preserved original draisines are part of Dirk Zedler’s collection in Ludwigsburg. The managing director of the loss adjusting agency GdFS (Gesellschaft der Fahrrad-Sachverständigen) estimates the value of the vehicle from the 1820ies to 35,000 Euro. His collection of historic bicycles is optimally protected and provided with the best insurance. In the event of a loss, the insurance will pay up to 300,000 Euro.

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