We provide clarity: Preliminary clarifications and expert’s reports for claimants and accident victims

Did you suffer an accident or financial loss due to material defects or assembly faults? Your bicycle or electric-assisted bike was stolen? With our many years of experience we support you and your legal representative with our services at fair prices.

We help clarifying the facts before and during the proceedings, for example, with objective assessments and analyses. We measure and test damaged bicycles, analyse material failure and assess the amount of loss and the replacement value. Thanks to our extensive archive of sales documents including technical documentation we are able to answer inquires with regard to "exotic" bicycle models and models of brands which do no longer exist. In our modern test laboratory, we have test stands for nearly every technical test necessary for the analysis of a claim.

Hint: In case of material failure do not hand over the component or the bicycle just like that. The component or bicycle may get lost under certain circumstances or for other reasons may no longer be available for an expertise. Make sure to ask one of our experts to preserve evidence beforehand. The evidence will be filed and thus be available as basis for an expert’s report that maybe will have to be prepared at a later date.

Click News/Publications to get a complete overview of our publications. Our articles in special-interest magazines prove that we know how to assess electric-assisted bike and bicycle damage as well as damage with cyclists involved to make fair judgements.

Ask your lawyer or legal consultant for advice as to the best moment to commission an expert’s report before getting in touch with us.

Keep in mind: There is a technical and a legal component to every case. An expert’s report alone will not provide full clarification of a case. We therefore strictly recommend that you discuss your legal position with a lawyer first.

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