Attention for sure: Independent lab tests and sound specialist knowledge for the media

Whether you do research work for technology-related bicycle articles, need a crisp expert statement or are planning a reliable product test – we provide support with well-founded facts and background information as to the latest state-of-the-art technology of bicycles and e-bikes. True to our corporate philosophy, we support any work that contributes to making bicycles and electric-assisted bikes safer and more durable and herewith strengthens their position as means of conveyance.

Since 1993, graduate engineer Dirk Zedler has accompanied special-interest magazines and the media in general with critical, but fair articles on bicycle technology. From our many years of experience as testing and bicycle experts we are aware of the risks resulting from construction, assembly and maintenance of bicycles and electric-assisted bikes and share this expert knowledge with professional communicators.

We check your test arrangements for their validity or perform complete product tests for you. You benefit from our expert knowledge, because we are available for statements, guest contributions or comments on technical issues relating to the bicycle. We also compile practical tips for your audience on how to perform simple maintenance and servicing work on your bicycle by yourself.

Graduate engineer Dirk Zedler has more than 20 years of experience as technology author of the German special-interest magazine "TOUR" and as author of several technical guides (among others "Road bike Maintenance and Repair Manual", "How to assemble your road bike by yourself") and guest articles for various newspapers, magazines, radio and TV broadcasts. He knows the needs of media companies and writes his articles in a target-group oriented manner.

Click News to get a complete overview of our publications. Our speeches/presentations at conferences show that we know what the current state of the bicycle technology and the bicycle market is and what aspects are of importance for the media.

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