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Die häufigsten Sicherheitsrisiken, die uns in der täglichen Arbeit rund um Fahrrad-Sicherheit, -Technik und -Bedienungsanleitungen auffallen, publizieren wir auch in Artikeln in den führenden Fachmagazinen TOUR – Europas Rennrad-Magazin Nr. 1, BIKE – Das Mountainbike Magazin Europas Nr. 1 und E-Bike – Das Pedelec-Magazin, um diese für die Branche wichtigen Informationen einer größeren Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen.

Auch die Eurobike Show Daily, Messezeitschrift der jährlich stattfindenden Eurobike Show, gibt uns seit vielen Jahren die Möglichkeit, unsere Sicht auf wichtige Entwicklungen in der Fahrradbranche in ganzseitigen Artikeln auszuführen.

Darüber hinaus sprechen wir regelmäßig in unabhängigen Fachvorträgen über alle Bereiche der Fahrradtechnik und des Fahrradmarktes. Auch weitere Fach- bzw. Branchenzeitschriften sowie immer häufiger Radio und Fernsehen zitieren uns in ihren Medienberichten und zeigen uns, dass wir mit unseren Hinweisen genau richtig liegen. In der Rubrik AKTUELL erfahren Sie laufend alle Neuigkeiten aus unseren Fachbereichen. Diese Berichte und Publikationen sortieren wir für Sie chronologisch bzw. nach Interessensgebieten., 2021/05/25
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Alarming results of the e-bike workshop check

The downside of the e-bike boom: Hardly any qualified personnel, repair appointments are hard to get. Who offers good service after all? Marktcheck checks workshops.

The condition of an electric-assisted bike needs to be checked regularly.

The run on e-bikes continues unabated: almost two million electric-assisted bikes were sold in 2020 - more than ever before. But that's not all. According to a recent study, two-thirds of Germans who do not yet have an electric-assisted bike are also planning to buy one. And that at average prices of almost 3,000 Euro for an electric-assisted bike. The e-bike business is a market worth billions.

Why are electric-assisted bikes so popular?

E-bikes enjoy equal popularity among all age groups. While bicycles without electric assistance are mostly bought by younger people, it is more balanced with electric-assisted bikes: A bicycle with electric assistance also allows older people to be mobile on two wheels and to go on tours of more than a few kilometres, but younger users also appreciate the high level of comfort. For them, an electric-assisted bike can be considered as additional bike to or even as a replacement for their own car and is particularly suitable as sports equipment in times of home office – or as an alternative to public transport.

The downsides of the e-bike boom

But the purchase and the fun of riding alone are not enough. Like most everyday objects, the electric-assisted bike is also affected by wear and tear. Regular checks and occasional repairs are just as inevitable for e-bikes as they are for cars. However, unlike most car workshops, bicycle workshops are often booked up several weeks in advance. Often, they only accept customers who have bought their bike from the dealer. Is the service at least up to standard?

Marktcheck does the e-bike workshop check

Three bicycle dealers in the greater Stuttgart area are checked:

• Bikewerker in Korntal-Münchingen
• eBox in Künzelsau
• Fahrrad XXL Walcher in Deizisau

In order to be able to better assess the work of the three bicycle workshops, Dirk Zedler, an expert for bicycles and e-bikes from Ludwigsburg, takes a close look at the four e-bikes in our check before they are taken to the uninitiated workshops.


from the programme on
Tuesday, 25 May 2021 8.15 p.m., MARKTCHECK, SWR channel

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Author: Beate Bastian
Photo: SWR