Looking back – 30 years Zedler.de


The “Open House Day” on the occasion of the company's 30th anniversary on April 1, 2023 was a real success. Our expectations were exceeded by far. All guided tours through the house offered were fully booked out, the interest was enormous!

Bicycle experts, test engineers and technical documentation experts guided the interested public throughout the day through our test laboratories and premises, which are normally not open to the public for reasons of confidentiality towards our business partners.

With more than 370 visitors, business friends, partners, notables, neighbours and almost all employees (and their families) we celebrated a great party.

For all those who were there and also for those who could not come, we have put together a photo gallery and collected some comments on the celebration.

Thank you for coming in such large numbers and celebrating the 30th anniversary with us at Zedler-Institut. With you as loyal partners and the overwhelming feedback, we joyfully look forward to the coming decades.

The Team of Zedler-Group

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Comments and congratulations from our guests on our anniversary

“30 years of Zedler-Institut – Congratulations. They still exist: Companies that distinguish themselves through high competence and quality. 30 years characterised by tireless commitment full of dynamism and impetus of a successful market activity is what makes Zedler-Institut. We are very happy about your 30th company anniversary and congratulate you very much. And we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the valuable years we have worked together.”

“Dear Dirk, we would like to congratulate you and Zedler-Institut on your 30th anniversary and wish you every success for the next three decades! ‘Just getting started’ has become a success story in the cycle industry. Many thanks for your immense commitment. We are happy that you are our vice chairman at “Zukunft Fahrrad!”

“Dear ones, our warmest congratulations on this great occasion! What a ‘lifetime achievement”!! We appreciate it a lot that we were able to accompany you and watch you ‘grow’. It is in fact a lot of work, but as it has been said so many times, turning your hobby into a profession and having fun and success is a blessing!"

“30 years of company success Zedler-Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH. Dear Mr Zedler, dear Ms Zedler, dear Zedler-Team, company success is reserved for those who know how to combine their skills into a strong unit. Such a team defies all challenges and gets great projects off the ground. You have shown that this success for a company is not just a vision. With great commitment and persistence, you all have lived these values. We congratulate you on your 30th anniversary and wish you great success and all the best in the future. We look forward to a continued valuable cooperation.”

“We cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails correctly. And you and your team have been setting the sails in the correct wind for 30 years...”

Dear Dirk, dear Claudia, it is an impressive achievement how you have made the Zedler name to what it is today over the last 30 years! Your commitment and hard work have probably paid off more than you ever hoped for. I am sure that you will continue to make your way in the future. I appreciate our friendship very much and am also proud to have you as business partners for more than 20 years! I wish you and your whole team all the best for the future and am very happy that I can celebrate this anniversary with my family! Congratulations on your 30th company anniversary!”

“Congratulations on your anniversary. Dear Mr Zedler, we would like to congratulate you on your 30th anniversary and send you our best wishes. These days, you can look back on a remarkable corporate development that is based on foresight, outstanding commitment and a solid corporate philosophy. The current importance and performance of your company deserve special respect. We are proud to have been able to accompany you and your company for many years and look forward to our continued cooperation.”

“Your museum is only just WOW! Congrats.”

“Great building, very informative guided tour, interesting stuff. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to get to know your business.”


All photos: Zedler-Institut