30 years of Zedler.de – we celebrate on April 1st, 2023


The mountain bike and triathlon boom was in full swing at the beginning of the 1990s with millions of sports bikes sold annually. With the number of bicycles sold rose the number of bicycle accidents. What was missing were experts who were able to correctly determine the value of bicycles, analyse failures and rate damage patterns with regard to possible courses. After an apprenticeship as a craftsman, a degree in mechanical engineering, in parallel six years of experience in the bicycle trade and well over a hundred cycling and triathlon events under his belt, our company founder set up his own business as a bicycle expert. At the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the business idea was commented on as follows: “Who needs that?“.
Today, tens of thousands of expert’s reports, almost countless articles in special interest and popular magazines and well over 100 lectures, TV shoots and podcasts as an expert later, the Zedler-Group has not only made a name for itself with courts and insurers, but also developed into a hidden champion of the global cycle industry with other highly specialised business fields.
We want to celebrate this often difficult but, in the end, successful path and give you the chance to gain insight into the laboratories and other fields of business.

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Our Open House day – This is what you can expect

The main event will take place in the seminar and museum area including large roof terrace inside the climate-positive company building that has been awarded multiple prizes. Bicycles and accessories from more than 200 years provide the ambience to get into conversation with our team. You can marvel at bicycles from your own youth or from that of your grandfather or be surprised at the ideas bicycle manufacturers came up with well over 100 years ago.

What we have learned from the many accidents and what we are doing as a result to make bicycles, e-bikes and transport bikes of the future even more user-friendly, durable and therefore safer, will be made transparent this day.

Our bicycle experts, test engineers and technical documentation experts will accompany you for one hour through our premises, which typically cannot be visited for reasons of confidentiality towards our business partners.

Swabian fast food keeps you focused when you go on the guided tours of the building.


It’s already now that we ask for your understanding that free movement and photography or filming are not permitted in the operational areas of the building.
Many thanks.
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