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LKZ 2015/09/14
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Between politics and bicycle wash

On Saturday cyclists conquered the city in a wave. The Ludwigsburg Radkultur-Festival turned Wilhelmstrasse closed for cars as well as Rathaushof into an information and leisure area with bicycle wash, bicycle checks, BMX-shows and coffee specialities directly from the bike.

Cycling is not only healthy, but has long since become a lifestyle. And often you arrive faster at your destination by taking the bike. This point was emphasized by Ludwigsburg’s City Councillor for Building and Construction Michael Ilk during the opening of the event. According to Ilk who is a passionate cyclist himself, bicycles were the ideal means of transport in Ludwigsburg.


Ludwigsburg’s City Councillor for Building and Construction Michael Ilk also made a tour on a tricycle originating from 1885. This vehicle called "Rudge Rotary" with spade grip as well as two small counter rotating and one big wheel is a popular classic and intended to be exhibited soon at Ludwigsburg’s first bicycle museum. The latter will be realized by the test institute for bicycle technology Zedler based in Eglosheim. It is planned to be inaugurated in 2017, just in time for the 200th birthday of the bicycle. For this purpose the test institute is looking for volunteers who want to support this project.

Author: Angelika Baumeister

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