All about bicycles, electric-assisted bikes, technology and safety in the press

The most common safety risks that we come across in our daily work around bicycle safety, technology and operating instructions are also published by us in articles in the leading German special-interest magazines TOUR (Europe's road bike magazine no. 1), BIKE (Europe's mountain bike magazine no. 1), MYBIKE and EMTB in order to make this information, which is important for the industry, available to a wider public.

For many years now, the Eurobike Show Daily, trade fair magazine of the annual Eurobike Show, has also given us the opportunity to publish our view of major developments in the cycle industry in full-page articles.

We also speak regularly in independent expert presentations about all areas of bicycle technology and the bicycle market. In addition, we are quoted by further special-interest magazines of the industry and the trade as well as increasingly by radio and television in their media reports, which shows us that we are spot on with our advice. The section "News" informs you about the latest news from our specialist areas. The reports and publications of this section are listed chronologically or according to areas of interest.


A great cycle year comes to its end: Consistently nice weather, the cycle sport is no longer sole (doping) scapegoat due to overdue, negative reports from other worlds of sports, politics slowly opens up to the bicycle issue and a satisfactory business development in the cycle industry is going on, as far as we heard.
We are happy to be part of this unreservedly positive development and are looking back on an extremely challenging, but at the same time very successful year.
Thanks a lot to all of our customers for a record-breaking growth in all business fields.

My personal thanks goes to the entire team which has taken on this enormous burden and handled it extraordinarily well with full commitment. If some orders haven’t been fulfilled ad hoc, we ask you to be lenient with us in view of Christmas coming up.

To be able to continue to support you with expertise and dedication as well as with efficiency, we made a number of important forward-looking decisions. Apart from ongoing recruitment to strengthen our team, I signed the purchase contract for a parcel of land last week. In spring the groundbreaking for the new bicycle technology centre will take place a few metres away from the current company premises.

Matter of heart will be the bicycle event museum which will find its place inside. With about 300 selected, contemporary historical bicycle exhibits that we have collected together with a collector friend, we are able to install changing exhibitions focusing on special subjects from 2017 on. I’m pleased to invite you already today to organize your sales or retailer training or similar events in the training section of the building.

With a positive foresight I wish you, also in the name of the complete Zedler team, Merry Christmas and a successful New Year 2016 as well as some rest and recreation for the upcoming days

Your Dirk Zedler

P.S. We’ll take advantage of the Christmas holidays and the turn of the year to gather new strength for next year. Between Christmas and New Year you can contact us at info(at) From January 11, 2016 on we'll be back highly motivated and ready for action.



Instead of presents

As in the years before, we've refrained from sending presents to our business partners. Last week, we donated instead a substantial sum to various organisations promoting humanity, to crisis areas and for the conservation of nature.
We herewith want to make our contribution to less transportation on the anyway heavily congested roads during the Christmas season.



You want to get in touch with us?

On January 21 and 22, 2016 Dirk Zedler will hold a lecture at Battery University.



At the  vivavelo conference of the cycle sector in Berlin on April 18 and 19, 2016 you can also join lectures by Dirk Zedler.

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