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The most common safety risks that we come across in our daily work around bicycle safety, technology and operating instructions are also published by us in articles in the leading German special-interest magazines TOUR (Europe's road bike magazine no. 1), BIKE (Europe's mountain bike magazine no. 1), MYBIKE and EMTB in order to make this information, which is important for the industry, available to a wider public.

For many years now, the Eurobike Show Daily, trade fair magazine of the annual Eurobike Show, has also given us the opportunity to publish our view of major developments in the cycle industry in full-page articles.

We also speak regularly in independent expert presentations about all areas of bicycle technology and the bicycle market. In addition, we are quoted by further special-interest magazines of the industry and the trade as well as increasingly by radio and television in their media reports, which shows us that we are spot on with our advice. The section "News" informs you about the latest news from our specialist areas. The reports and publications of this section are listed chronologically or according to areas of interest.


Eurobike 2016

The bicycle will celebrate its 200th birthday next year and it makes us very happy to see that this brilliant invention is more topical than ever. Although the business success of many manufacturers and dealers was shadowed by the changing weather conditions in 2016, there is certainty that this will not impair the popularity of bicycles and pedelecs. Various traffic counts and studies of the future confirm that for their users they play a more and more important role in transportation and leisure time.

Zedler-Institut is also optimistic about the upcoming anniversary year. In 2017 we will not only celebrate the bicycle’s birthday, but also the move into our new own head office. The new building accounts for the company’s growth of the past years and allows us to handle our customer’s orders even quicker and more efficiently.

Eurobike 2016

However, before we set off into the new year with a strong impetus, we’ll get ourselves a little breather at the end of the year. Our working year ends on December 23, 2016 and our operations will cease over the holidays. In the new year the entire team will be back in all business fields starting on January 9.

The entire Zedler team wishes you peaceful holidays and a happy and optimistic start into the new year. We are looking forward to strengthening our contacts with you in the anniversary year and thank you for the confidence you have shown and the active demand for our services.

We hope you enjoy reading
Dirk Zedler

Construction on target


The new company building of Zedler-Group takes shape: By the end of the year the structural work will be finished. In January the interior construction will start. The new building will not only provide additional space for the three main business fields, but for the first time also facilities that can be used by companies, manufacturers, associations and clubs to hold their workshops and seminars in.

Apart from a few details the construction of the new building goes according to plan: Since the groundbreaking ceremony in May 2016 all works have been finished in time. With the concreting of the roof before Christmas, the structural work will be finished.

From January on, the building will be equipped with windows, doors and building technology. With regard to the latter Zedler-Group attaches special importance to energy efficiency: This means for example that the waste heat of the compressors is stored and used for heating the entire building. With additional solar panels for electricity and warm water as well as state-of-the-art insulation, nearly the complete energy necessary for daily business will be produced directly in-house.


The new company building which is only 100 metres away from the current company address will offer three times the space of the old building. This additional space will be highly appreciated and enable the Zedler team to respond even quicker to the demands of the customers of our testing institute, the loss adjusting agency and the technical documentation. In future, this will help to avoid time-expensive modifications in the test laboratory more often, because there will be space for additional testing systems. The experts will be able to gather the information required more quickly, because all product documentations will be archived in one room.

The new building will also provide facilities for holding seminars – not only for Zedler-internal events. They can be booked by external companies, manufacturers and associations for training courses and workshops. A spacious terrace, a bright cafeteria and a bicycle collection publicly accessible for the first time with exhibits from 200 years of bicycle development will make the guests feel comfortable during the breaks.

Among the top ten out of 604

Landespreis für junge Unternehmen 2016

In autumn, Dirk Zedler was asked to come on the big stage: Under the patronage and in the presence of politician Winfried Kretschmann Zedler-Institut was honoured as one of ten finalists in the competition "State Prize for Young Companies 2016" for responsible entrepreneurial skills and action.

The state prize for young companies in Baden-Wuerttemberg is awarded to companies making an exemplary contribution to a sustainable society. It is considered one of the most coveted business awards in Baden-Wuerttemberg. In 2016 the record-breaking number of 604 companies applied for the award.

Together with nine other companies Zedler-Institut made it into the final and was awarded on the occasion of an official ceremony. "With the prize winners we award the ten best young entrepreneurs 2016 and herewith honour innovation, creativity and above all their courage for entrepreneurship and self-employment. This year’s winners give us an idea of the incredible wealth of ideas in our state," stated Winfried Kretschmann, Minister President of Baden-Wuerttemberg, during his official speech.

When Zedler-Institut was solemly given their award, the company’s capability of connecting the passion for bicycles with the highly professional economic operations was pointed out in particular. As a proof, the jury of the state prize referred to the continuous growth in turnover and in the number of staff members in the past years.

Gifts where they are needed

World Bicycle Relief

Traditionally, Zedler-Group has donated money to non-profit organizations at the end of the year instead of buying customer presents. This year we strengthen our commitment with an additional amount collected by the team members in favour of a bicycle relief organization in Africa.

As in the past years we refrain from giving Christmas presents to our business partners and instead donate the respective sum to various non-profit organizations like Greenpeace, Médecins Sans Frontières and Unicef. This year World Bicycle Relief will obtain a special donation: The team members of Zedler-Group collected money for the organization that works on mobilizing the African people by providing them with strong and durable bicycles. The commitment of both, the Zedler-Group and the individual staff members, helps more people to take benefit from the advantages of a good bicycle.

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