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SAZbike 17/2019
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Mass market, collector’s items and beginner’s products

All industry experts see an ongoing growth for pedelecs, but also the limits of electrification: There are first requests claiming a further development of the non-motorized bicycle.

SAZbike asks
How do you assess the further sales development of electric bicycles? Which significance will have the bicycle without drive?

Dirk Zedler – Zedler-lnstitut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit
Electric bikes are sensational in hilly terrains or in inner-city areas. This could mean a relief for the cities. People’s idleness will produce more customers for the electric bike. Unfortunately, bicycles are often replaced by electric bikes without need. I dare not estimate where this process will end. I hope, however, that bicycles will continue to remain attractive. Their achievements are just too good, whereas electric bikes get more and more heavy and thus less manageable.


The respondents expect a growth in sales figures of e-bikes varying in duration. In some niches, however, among them high-value sports bikes, the non-motorized bicycle remains crowd favourite.

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