New test lab

The new test stands for wheels and pedals

One and a half years after moving into the new building the test engineers of Zedler-Institut took into operation the third lab in the energy-efficient building at the beginning of the year. The testing systems of the category Safety, for ex. the new pedal and bell testing systems as well as the roller for wheels, are located in the new lab.

The high internal standards of the Zedler-Institut, such as constant climatic conditions, high load carrying capacity and vibration reduction of the floor as well as bright radiant LED illumination for crack detection, have now been realised for the rotating tests as well.

As usual at the Zedler-Institut, these testing systems are full in-house developments and it goes without saying that their range of functions covers the relevant standards. They also offer the possibility to perform tests according to the intended purpose of use that may go far beyond the tests specified in the standards. Experience has shown that often enough the natures of loss which are known from thousands of analysed failures on the road or in the terrain can only be reproduced with supplementary test procedures.

More than 100 physicians in cycle fever

Dr. Matthias Baumann, Dr. Christoph Lukas, Lisa Brennauer, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Bauer, Elisabeth Brandau, Dr. Dierk-Christian Vogt, Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Zedler, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Hornig, Dr. Stefan Staudte, Dr. Matthias Fabian (from left to right)

World champions, Olympic athletes, national coaches and team physicians, part of the who’s who of the German cycle sport met in the seminar facilities including a museum of the Zedler-Institut to attend the further education event of Wuerttemberg’s sports physicians (Sportärzteschaft Württemberg and Sportmedizinischer Arbeitskreises Ludwigsburg).

Topics, such as “Cardiac risks and benefits of cycle sports” or “The urologist’s opinion on bicycle saddles”, appear strange to us as engineers, but are not less interesting.

The reports of the German, European and World Champion Lisa Brennauer reporting from her everyday training routine and how she dealt with crisis during her long career were still more appealing to us. Germany’s currently best cross-country mountain biker Elisabeth Brandau spoke in a sympathetic and exciting way about how she is currently managing her life with two children and competitive sport and about the fact that she is now faster than ever before.

With his concluding speech about 200 years of bicycle history combined with an outlook forward to the future Dirk Zedler was able to fascinate the physicians.

Dr. Stefan Staudte
Dr. Stefan Staudte

Q.E.D. - The seminar area proves a big hit

The exciting thing for us was the feedback of the physicians who are used to regular further education. Based on their experience the organisers had prefigured 40 to 50 interested persons. After two days already there were more than 200 applications. Run over by success the number was limited to 100 physicians plus 40 additional listeners, among them coaches, athletes and physiotherapists.

The organisers showed themselves not only enthusiastic about the flood of participants. “The extremely friendly, helpful atmosphere and the support by the Zedler team during the event felt simply good and was far from self-evident”, resumed Dr. med. Dierk-Christian Vogt on behalf of the organiser about the symposium. There is no need to state anything else. Remains the question whether urgently needed further trainings will become also common practice in the cycle industry.

The question for us is when will the cycle industry wake up in view of the major challenges of the future and intensify regular exchange and training. With our seminar area we have created a further platform which ensures that trainings and conferences do not have to take place in neutral spaces without relation to bicycles. The added value provided by the museum, the terrace and a possible visit of the laboratory offers an attractive ambience.
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No fear of new markets

Zedler manuals in new languages

It may sound hard, but for 20 years now there has been no doubt about the fact that the legislation for the protection of the consumers is the same in all countries of the EU. In particular the Product Liability and the Product Safety Act as well as the Machinery Directive mandatory for e-bikes require unambiguous, comprehensive consumer information in national language.

Five additional languages, i.e. Croatian, Czech, Finish, Swedish and Polish, supplement the portfolio of the Zedler-Institut manuals that can be supplied within a few days.

Just like our long-standing successful models English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and of course German the manuals available are standard-compliant and CE compatible for the bicycle categories pedelec, e-MTB, city/trekking bike, youth bike, mountain bike, road bike, toy bicycle and BMX.

Cross out your own effort from your to-do-list

Particularly in the case of pedelecs and e-MTBs the authorities do not show mercy. No manual, no conformity, no CE mark and thus no (legal) sale. With the manuals often awarded test winner and numerous times positively checked by market surveillance authorities all over Europe you are on the safe side when it comes to meeting legal terms and you being released from liability.

We know that a market entry is expensive. For this reason we offer the manuals of our three customisable categories Basic, Brand Basic and Individual in small quantities already and partly immediately ex stock. As a result, this essential part of your international activities does not require any relevant expenditure of time.

Small quantities – minor invest

Your financial invest remains small, since we have already had our manuals translated by native speakers with a high affinity to bicycles, created printable files and had them checked in many countries. You determine the quantity, we supply to your production line within a few days.

What about the exotic languages?

Since the first manual for the contents of which we were fully responsible was printed in 1996 we have built up our own network of translators. For “our” native speakers terms like front derailleur or headset have nothing to do with “derailing” or “a pair of headphones”.

For customers with bigger quantities and worldwide market presence we have meanwhile supplied our manuals in more than 40 languages in more than 70 countries. Get in touch with our team of the Technical Documentation; we have got the tailor-made solution for you!