Instructions for use and mounting for pedals – ex stock or individually

Oh no, not that, some readers may now be thinking. Don’t worry, we're not going crazy, we're just reacting to our experiences as expert witnesses in court. All too often, well-done instructions for use tip the scales when it comes to the manufacturer's or dealer's release from liability.

The Product Safety Act valid throughout Europe stipulates

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“A product…, must only be made available on the market if it does not endanger the safety and health of persons in case of proper and foreseeable use. The following points must be considered particularly when assessing whether a product meets the requirements ...:

The properties of the product including its composition, its packaging, the instructions for its assembly, the installation, the maintenance and the period of use.”

And further below in the Act: “Where specific rules have to be complied with regarding the use, addition or maintenance of a product in order to guarantee safety and health of persons, German language instructions for its use shall be supplied with the product when making it available on the market...”

Do concentrate on the development and manufacture of your pedals and order standard and legally compliant instructions at Zedler-Institut. This means you are on the safe side with regard to the Product Safety Act, the Product Liability Act and the applicable standards.

In these component instructions, too, Zedler-Institut remains true to its proven concept of combining liability-relevant content and important instructions for handling and assembling the product with illustrative pictures. The instructions offer the best possible release from liability for pedal manufacturers and dealers. Pedal buyers and users obtain necessary instructions for different pedal types of all bicycle categories.

You can order the instructions for use in the landscape format in a four-language version (German, English, French, Italian). Like our bicycle and e-bike instructions, this manual is also on sale in both individualisation categories “Brand Basic “and “Individual” with internet option. Further languages are also available upon request.

We are constantly developing our Technical Documentation portfolio. At present, the following operating instructions are available for delivery in numerous languages or can be customized with little effort.


Zedler-Institut Instructions for use and mounting for pedals

For fully-assembled bicycles:

E-Bike / EPAC – Trekking / City / Urban / S-Pedelec
E-MTB – EPAC-Mountain Bike / S-Pedelec
Supplementary instructions for all categories E-Bike / EPAC / S-Pedelec

MTB – Full-Suspension / Hardtail
Road Racing Bike / Gravel Bike / Cyclocross / Time Trial Bike / Triathlon Bike
Trekking Bicycle / City Bicycle / Urban Bike / Children’s Bicycle
• BMX Bicycle
• Toy Bicycle
• Children’s Balance Bike


For components:

• Wheels
• Pedals
• Seat posts and saddles

German bicycle companies develop Bike Charter for a sustainable industry

PRESS RELEASE – – November 3, 2021

For more than a year, a committee of six German bicycle companies developed the action plan for resource conservation, sustainability and climate protection around the products and services in the bicycle industry. On the occasion of the BIKEBRAIN-POOL meeting on October 26 and 27 at Schwalbe (Ralf Bohle GmbH) in Reichshof, Germany, 22 decision makers of the bicycle industry adopted the Bike Charter for sustainable management.

For 25 years, the BIKEBRAIN-POOL has been the think tank of the bicycle industry. At regular meetings, decision-makers from the more than 50 member companies from the industry, the retailers, the service providers and the press discuss trends and topics within and outside the industry. The meetings are to give impetus for further development and cooperation, most of which were implemented by member companies. In addition to the pandemic-related digitalisation, the network has also initiated a substantive realignment in order to act as a player itself in the industry in the future.

How sustainable is the bicycle?

The bicycle industry produces and sells a product that stands for new mobility, climate protection, liveable cities and health. With the Bike Charter, the companies therefore also want to take a close look at the sustainable production of the bicycle, from the resources via the supply chain to the companies, employees and customers, in order to take into account their social, ecological and in the end also their economic responsibility.

The Bike Charter is based on national and international legislation and presents corporate social responsibility topics as well as measures, primarily from the action fields market and environment, but also workplace and community. The adopted draft of the Bike Charter includes 18 topics around production, location, social relevance and strategic CSR management with a total of 110 specific possibilities for action.

Appeal to the bicycle industry

The appeal for more sustainability is directed to all BIKEBRAINPOOL companies as well as the entire bicycle industry to address one or more of these topics. What starts as a voluntary commitment by the signatory companies is to be expanded in the medium term through cooperation with the German Sustainability Code by means of a respective reporting.

22 companies of the BIKEBRAINPOOL are among the first signatories of the Bike Charter: ABUS, BIKE & CO, B.O.C., Croozer, Delius Klasing, Fellowz, Hebie, Humpert, IDBerlin, JobRad, Kienzler, Pressedienst Fahrrad, Radlager, Schwalbe, Riese & Müller, Rose Bikes, Thun, Velokonzept, VSF, Wertgarantie, WSM and Zedler.

Dirk Zedler, founder and managing director of Zedler – Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit, declares: “Even if the ecological footprint of the users of a product from the bicycle industry immediately becomes smaller, we do not rest on our laurels. As innovative and future-oriented companies, we want to take a role as a pioneer in all matters of sustainability and social responsibility. The Bike Charter offers all companies in the bicycle industry a perfect starting point for improving their ecological and social position step by step.

Frank Bohle, managing director of Schwalbe and host of the meeting encouraged further companies to sign the action plan: “The Bike Charter's specific action plan reduces the complexity of a sustainable business transformation and offers companies an excellent opportunity to directly implement initial measures.”

BIKEBRAINPOOL is also in close exchange with the global initiative Shift Cycling Culture which based on the climate negotiations in Glasgow has also set itself the goal of persuading the bicycle industry of a systemic change towards more sustainability.

Download (German) Bike Charter 2021