Instructions for use and mounting for seat posts and saddles – ex stock or individually

Broken seat posts and saddles can quickly result in damage or severe accidents. This is what the bicycle and e-bike experts of our partner company experience again and again.

The Product Safety Act valid throughout Europe stipulates “A product…, must only be made available on the market if it does not

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endanger the safety and health of persons in case of proper and foreseeable use. The following points must be considered particularly when assessing whether a product meets the requirements ...:

The properties of the product including its composition, its packaging, the instructions for its assembly, the installation, the maintenance and the period of use.”

And further below in the Act: “Where specific rules have to be complied with regarding the use, addition or maintenance of a product in order to guarantee safety and health of persons, German language instructions for its use shall be supplied with the product when making it available on the market...”

Do concentrate on the development and manufacture of your seat posts/saddles and order standard and legally compliant instructions at Zedler-Institut. This means you are on the safe side with regard to the Product Safety Act, the Product Liability Act and the applicable standards.

In these component instructions, too, Zedler-Institut remain true to their proven concept of combining liability-relevant content and important instructions for handling and assembling the product with illustrative pictures. The instructions offer the best possible release from liability for saddle/seat post manufacturers and dealers. Buyers and users of saddles/seat posts obtain necessary instructions for different saddle/seat post types of all bicycle categories.

You can order the instructions for use in the landscape format in a four-language version (German, English, French, Italian). Like our bicycle and e-bike instructions, this manual is also on sale in both individualisation categories “Brand Basic “and “Individual” with internet option. Further languages are also available upon request.

We are constantly developing our Technical Documentation portfolio. At present, the following operating instructions are available for delivery in numerous languages or can be customized with little effort:


Zedler-Institut Instructions for use and mounting for seat posts and saddles

For fully-assembled bicycles:

E-Bike / EPAC – Trekking / City / Urban / S-Pedelec
E-MTB – EPAC-Mountain Bike / S-Pedelec
Supplementary instructions for all categories E-Bike / EPAC / S-Pedelec

MTB – Full-Suspension / Hardtail
Road Racing Bike / Gravel Bike / Cyclocross / Time Trial Bike / Triathlon Bike
Trekking Bicycle / City Bicycle / Urban Bike / Children’s Bicycle
• BMX Bicycle
• Toy Bicycle
• Children’s Balance Bike


For components:

• Wheels
• Pedals
• Seat posts and saddles