Long Tail (“Mullet”) vs. Long John

Prototype of a carrier cycle, type Long John, trained on the testing system at Zedler-Institut

Not to be overlooked: The carrier cycle genre is becoming more diversified. The term ‘cargo bike’ has actually lost some of its pertinence by now, since we see these bikes used more and more to transport children. Like for all other bike- and e-bike categories, the DIN standard 79010 provides a minimum of safety and fitness for use. But more than that it cannot do.

The centre tube breaking

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during a ride, with both mother and child going down: a scary thought that unfortunately has already become reality. Some of the damage cases in the field, i.e. during use, occurred with carrier cycles that have been successfully tested by their manufacturers in accordance with the DIN 79010 standard.

We were able to reproduce these failures from the field in the lab only after developing our own testing systems specifically for such cargo bikes that reflect further load types.

For a single-track cargo bike or carrier cycle, the standard sets out four different dynamic load tests for the frame. In contrast to this, our experience shows that the damage mechanisms up to now cannot be reliably precluded until having performed 42 tests with 11 different load types.

This can already be seen as proof that the variety of carrier cycles also needs the committed test engineers to match. Other load types must be added to the ones specified in the standard requirements and each load type from the standard must be increased to the special needs of each carrier cycle category or design.

In other words: Lumping Long-John bikes and Long Tails (“mullets”) together when it comes to testing is dangerous and could lead to failure.

Contact our team of test engineers so that we can train the result of your creative work and you can sleep peacefully.

Meeting the EU Directives – Customer Service – Climate-Neutral

Zedler Basic operating instructions

Again and again there is astonishment and therefore despair when authorities in some countries impose delivery stops for e-bikes and e-MTBs.

Manufacturers should not be surprised, operating instructions in the national language still have to be enclosed – without “ifs and buts”.

It is not only in view of quickly “freeing”


such e-bikes and e-MTBs from the clutches of the authorities, but also for your customer service that our product range includes a user manual system:

- in 4 levels (Basic, Brand Basic, Individual and Premium)

- in 11 bicycle categories (from the toy bicycle obliged to CE mark to the e-MTB) and

- in more than 40 languages as well as

- multi-coloured or black-white design and in addition

- as PDF file for your website.


Climate certificate

The desire for greater sustainability should not prevent you from offering your customers the service of not finding out about your product via windy YouTube videos.

Our ex-stock operating instructions, but also those delivered just-in-time to the assembly line for your house are printed

- on FSC mix paper

- by means of photovoltaics, and if that is not enough

- with electricity bought from regenerative sources.

The residual harmfulness is compensated, namely with a separate forestry project in Germany.


2,759 Kilometres - Cycled Together for a Good Cause

The 79 kilometres group of the Zedler team

Finally, we had the opportunity to go on a cycle tour together with our partners again. On the occasion of the cycle tour organised by the pupils of the Lichtenstern Gymnasium in Großsachsenheim, we covered between 54 and 168 kilometres by road bike or e-bike. Though, in one road bike group, one of our partners cycled the 92 kilometres on a simple


trekking bike - kudos!

At the barbecue on the company terrace afterwards, everyone had their own bike story to tell and together everyone was happy about the 38 cents per kilometre we donated that resulted in a total of 1,100 euros donated to World Bicycle Relief.

Jonas Deichmann as a Guest at Zedler-Institut

Speaker Jonas Deichmann at Zedler-Institut

A person who circumnavigates the world in triathlon discipline not only fascinates sportsmen and women but is also of burning interest to doctors. A few hours after the invitation already, the contingent of places was fully booked.

The extreme athlete described all facets from the preparation to the final of this incredible tour in a very lively and sympathetic way, and all during


the peak of the pandemic. Powerful images, anecdotes about the technology and encouraging stories about the friendly reception in all parts of the world did not allow to develop any tiredness at the evening event, after a long working day of the doctors.

There was thoughtfulness in the audience when Jonas Deichmann talked about the friendships he had made in Ukraine, because all these friends are now at war.

The question and answer session that followed was a challenge for Jonas, as the questions he was asked were not the usual ones. Stem cell researchers were also in the audience and would have liked to start exploring the background of the enormous regenerative capacity right there and then.

Interested doctors listened to Jonas Deichmann

After the successful cyclists Elisabeth Brandau and Lisa Brennauer, after Germany's fastest marathon runner Arne Gabius, now an ultra athlete, so exciting! It was a pleasure for us to sponsor Sportärzteschaft Württemberg e.V. (Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Sports Physicians) in cooperation with Sportmedizinischer Arbeitskreis Ludwigsburg (Sports Medical Working Group Ludwigsburg) for the third time and to host their training in our seminar area.

To be continued.