Welcome to Zedler-Group – your experts in bicycles and e-bikes

The bicycle is more than a (dream) job, to us it’s a philosophy. We are absolutely convinced that it will play a central role in the forthcoming sustainable change in traffic on public roads, as it doesn’t take up much space, strengthens the health of its users and hardly affects the environment. This is why we do our utmost in promoting this environmentally friendly means of travel and hereby ensure operational safety of the bicycle during your ride.

Our different business branches develop and provide knowledge of the construction and use of different bicycle types, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, kid’s bikes or trekking bikes. We deal with carbon, aluminium, steel and titanium frames and also care about add-on parts, such as wheels, forks, handlebars, gear systems, brakes, saddles and seat posts.
In addition, since the beginning of the pedelec boom our team has focussed on the e-bike and its specific components.

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