We are diverse – even though this may not always be reflected by the language used on our historically developed website. Our team consists of people whose individuality we value highly, regardless of age, gender, culture, sexual orientation, disability or religion. We love diversity.

Within the Zedler-Group we are #gladlyonfirstnamebasis. However, due to our sworn activities in courts worldwide, we are still maintaining the last name basis culture on our website.

Our customers are spread all over the world. In many of our departments we can demonstrate our knowledge of English every day.

We love what we do – the Zedler-Group job portal

The passion of our employees for bicycles combined with the rising image of bicycles and new mobility concepts, leads to double-digit growth rates, which is why we are always looking for new employees.

We look forward to receiving your application as apprentice, student or for an exciting job including a secure permanent position.

#diverse #gladlyonfirstnamebasis #global

What makes the Zedler-Group a great place to work

As we love what we do, we do not need any time stamp clock or pause signal. What we have are trust-based working hours!

Have a look at your future workplace at the Zedler-Group

The workplaces are diverse and varied - there is not a single angle of view from which you do not see a bicycle. And depending on your job, a test ride with a special bicycle is necessary every now and then.


Current vacancies for cool permanent jobs at the Zedler-Group in Ludwigsburg

Jobs for the Dual Study Programme as well as for bachelor, master and technical theses

Dual Study Programme at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW)

Bachelor, master and technical theses